...love comes back to you...

Laugh At Yourself
and the wind said this
age old wisdom there is hope
time honored promise
love is in us all
take down the barriers share love
with others... your soul
connect with good emotions
rid those cause body tensions
comforting words from the heart
help blunt fears and discomfort
listen to yourself
harmonise with the good wind
as you stroll life’s spells
laugh smile wise you grow
God’s helping hands there for you
with loved ones you know

The world is a stage...the actors come and go...Shakespeare. People are born and people die. And had worn the stage masks - Zeus’ daughters- muses of tragedy and comedy.

...How can You place such big sorrows in my small heart?...Said He...But your eyes are even smaller, yet they behold the world.

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Robert L. Martin
23 days

Life is wonderful

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
19 days

I am a fan. Can’t get enough of it!
Thanks Robert

23 days

That's something I learned but could never master - laughing at myself. I make jokes about myself, good at self-depreciation because often I don't take myself seriously - then I get in trouble with Sim. LOL

Like the poem Brod!

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
19 days

Can’t get too far yet not far enough!
Thanks for the like Brod.

Kurt Hube
23 days

Hello Brother,

Nicely said. Thanks.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
19 days

Good hearing from you as always Kurt. Hello to Linda.

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