park Milky Way

Love Paradise
         park Milky Way
Hold hands with me love
  Let’s walk beyond the lands’ end
Into space boundless
Stroll in the park milky way
Reminisce paradise earth
Together again we’ll dance
  Take my hand I’m here for you
Together again  we’ll love
Photo: NASA galaxy Milky Way
Video: Eva Cassidy “I know you by heart” 4 minutes

Poem inspired by Brod Buddy C Nepomuceno’s belief in Paradise.
Dedicated to him and his wife Ochie. As well as to Linda and husband Brod Bobby A Coronel. A love that carries yonder beyond.

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Robert L. Martin
4 months

I'll recite this to my Linda and get her all warmed up.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
4 months

Careful now. Watch the ticker.

Thank you Robert.

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