Carnations Again

Loving Women
I love women. I adore them.
None in high esteem of me they
Reciprocate, love back the same
Clam I am happy night and day.
Yes women hate me too, I earn.
Made me aware, no uncertain
Terms oblivious as well, find, learn
Red carnations bouquet, again.
In this life the nano time we share
No room for minute abrasive grains.
We row, row over the waves to shore
Nine muses or not, loving remains.

Quatrain massaged from a rough quick response to a friend talking about
women, the difficult life they endure. First person singular not me but
men in general.

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Robert L. Martin
quasi 5 anni

At my age, I'm lucky I have a girl friend. Usually they just look at me and turn the other way. This one didn't.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
quasi 5 anni

Sometimes simple innocent eye contact gets the curiosity going.
Thank you Robert for looking.

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