Magical Meadow

Sunshine Dream

Magical Meadow
Love widow me from madness
Unchain from satyric desires my longings
Air of sanity breathe into me free my mired mind
That I may fashion another dream a vision of joy
A fantasy to share whisper to crimson hummingbirds
To bright electric red dotted yellow caterpillars
Contouring serpentine Roman arches to whirring dragon
Gossamer wings among fragrant white blossom lilacs
To acrobat jewel wings flying trapeze damselflies
Dancing over patches of sweet summer phloxes
Carry on partake I may in a day of bliss in this congress
Of fragile predators under the beaming meadow sunlight
Widow me love from the shadow of temptations as I see
Naked nymphs necklace like frolicking around Pan
Hear the hypnotic flute from the rock outcropping
Under a dwarf apple tree come hither hissing tune
A basket delights offering of satyric fruits from Pan
Air of sanity come forth breathe into me the dream of joy
That I may cleanse my soul soak my being with you love
Spread wings float among the butterflies and hummingbirds
Sing the festive joy of life in the magical meadow sunshine
                                         .  .  .

Hope springs eternal no matter how gossamery a dream is.
Poem inspired by Vic's prayer after the Tuesday post Halloween
devilish red nightmare under a waxing moon and into the
wee hours of dawn concession.
Ever hoping for eternal sunshine in the "magical meadow" we call
our home-USA.

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