Gridlocked Dusk To Dawn

Now green now white
Artery of wheels
Ceaselessly trotting.
Now green now white
These bustling neons
Angrily flashing.
Afraid their rivals
Next would glitter
Now red now black.
Ah City of Wheels and Neons!
Overflowing at dusk
Receding at dawn.
To pedestrian’s patience a paean!
To start in the morn
Back home worn out at dawn.
Manila Traffic October 1963

Sketch of Manila traffic in the early 60s. Commuters and blinding
neon lights of all colors and hordes of vehicles is the scene from
dusk to dawn and dawn to dusk sans neons to a lesser degree.
The same can be said today and is true to a much bigger area
now called Metro Manila with a vibrant population close to 12
million people.
Got home at dawn that day enough time to shower and start
my day again.

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Nelson D Reyes
about 1 year

Thanks Brod Mike de Guzman for liking. Also thanks for all you do helping the Covid19 affected Philippines people.

Patrick Sha
almost 2 years

Can’t resist the humanity and energy of cities like Bangkok Hong Kong KL and Singapore and need to see Manila next. Your poem is awesome Nelson!

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
almost 2 years

I am glad very happy that you like. Thank you for reading. Wish I could visit with you when I am down there in Georgetown or up in The Bay Area.
Take good care. Enjoy the family, your beloved.

Robert L. Martin
about 5 years

I used to think New York City was the worst, but I guess it isn't. Nice poem. I can feel the vibrations from the traffic, and hear the horns.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 5 years

You're right, I can still feel the noise and hear the vibrations. That's how bad it was, one's senses are mixed up. Thanks for visiting and loving.

about 5 years

I love your poem about my city back in the day - for I recall pleasant memories. Sadly, Manila has changed dramatically since.

I wrote a poem about Manila and called it "My City" based on my visit last year. It is a totally different experience and it breaks my heart.

Here's the link just in case -

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 5 years

Thank you Brod. Yes I read your "poem-ugly-Manila". I visited exactly the same street you did, a cacophony of imaginable and unimaginable things.
The place has become a beast that generated a "beauty" all its own-loved by the locals and a puzzle to tourists and expatriate. The mangos were sweet and plumb and juicy, though. And true yellow with streaks of reddish rose. One beautiful sight. Thanks for loving.

J Ann Crowder
about 5 years

I used to live with a family from Manila. They cooked rice and I learned my favorite chicken was chicken adobo. Loved it! Love the Philippines, and the Filipino people. This is beautiful, and a great depiction of Manila. Never been there but have heard lots about it.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 5 years

Thank you. Someday we'll take a ride in a jeepney, we'll savor the street foods, get some chicken adobo and enjoy the noise and the chaotic scene sipping coconut water. And that would be the day!

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