Healing Power

Miracles In Prayers
                        Healing Power

“God will hear your prayers... pray, hope, and don’t worry”...Padre Pio

A simple act of praying, asking for our Saints’ intercession is a miracle, the fact that we are able to do so, that is, able to connect with our Almighty Creator through intercession.

I am positive our loved ones who are not feeling well today, and those who are caring for them who also are feeling down, will overcome and triumph over their difficulties and worries and in time be their former selves again, happy as they were with their families and friends.

This will come to pass as I believe  for one very simple reason– that we have in our heart the faith, our belief in the God Almighty, our faith in the healing power of the prayer, the miracle that is in the prayer. We pray to God. And we believe in the communion of saints that joins us to Christ. We humbly ask for intercession from our saints  as we pray with them to Jesus Christ our Lord, our Redeemer our Savior for the healing of all, all humankind, who are ill and in pain.

So then, if I may, a request from us to the Saint of Miracles-St Anthony of Padua:
O holy St Anthony, Saint of Miracles, who possess miraculous powers with your love for God, we, faithful to the Lord our Savior, pray and request for your intercession to obtain for us the healing and continued well being of all who are ill and in pain.

Forever grateful we remain we give you the gratitude from our heart at all times. Amen.

Prayer gift to all.

An Intercessory Prayer to our Saints in times of uncertainties, illness and pain.

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8 meses

"When we intercede for others, and pray
That their needs be fulfilled above our own
Christ-like we become; as in Calvary He died
To welcome us to His heavenly throne!"

Part of a poem I wrote recently. Debating whether I should post or not. But yes, I believe each one of is called to be an intercessor. Part of our job description.


Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
8 meses

Thank you Brod.
We believe in the Almighty Father, we long for good things to happen in our life, we share this belief and longing with others. We have faith, hope and love-virtues directly related to our belief in God. We open up, atone our sins, we pray with this, we ask for God's grace in communion with the Saints.
Thank you for sharing.

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