Monday Wows!

A Vacation Symphony

Monday Wows!
        A Vacation Symphony
Baseball cap
Extra battery
Eyes resisting
Pillow bowled
In pajamas
Ginger steps down
To back door
Windy clouds
Sunrise clouds
Roar of Atlantic
Whiff of salt
Where is east?
Past first sun rays
Horizon still dark
East is nowhere!
Remember Linda
Kurt’s beloved
To the pier she pointed
In the kitchen
At last night dinner
Squatted on the beach
Front of 860 Topsail Villa
Front to west of pier
The sun barely above water
Rising clear of clouds
Magnificently slowly
Deja vu eons of times
From Chaos Cosmos
To city Stonehenges
Beyond Manhattan
Helios on his Chariot of the Sun
Now charging the TopsailNC pier!
Above the amber fire horizon
Across the sky!
Over the winds
Over the clouds
Over the popovers
Airily gently mixed
With loving hands by Linda
Then eyes close sans guilt
Popped into hot oven!
Smeared with butter and jelly
Popped into hungry mouths
And downed with hot good
The kites are coming!
Wind blown explosive
Sputtering sounds like chariots
Rainbow colors some
Helios stop over for
Popover and coffee
Said hello to Linda!
On to the west
The Sun Chariot
Leisurely arches
Over the beaches Sun faithfuls
The dunes Manhattanhenges grids
Prairies canyons and beyond
We carry on the symphony
Of daily life the kids laughters
Lulling sounds of the ocean
Raindrops sunshine birdsongs
Hello greetings goodbye kisses
Jigsaw puzzle first and last pieces
The kitchen hustle and bustle
Here y’all come and git it dinner
Harry Potter character games
Extemporaneous poetry and haikus
Digging darling I love you music
We snore off on all night
And catch up at dawn with Helios
Again as he emerges
From the pier where Linda pointed
Rub our eyes flush the toilet
And get back to bed
Replay the symphony of Monday’s Wows
Life’s moments to come back to
With family and friends.
                   * * *
Photo: NDR
            Sunrise at the Pier, Topsail Beach, 6.5.2017
Video: NDR, 8 minute real time yellow flash sunrise on 6.5.2017

Family vacation in Topsail Beach, Surf City, North Carolina. A day in the life, memories to come back to.

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