the Elysian Fields we knew

my fallen body
     the Elysian Fields we knew
the songs of the god birds immortal
from Mount Olympus once more
resonate along the riverbeds
the butterflies of the winds
dusk twilight to risen scarlet sun
garnet upon snow capped tetons
the dances of the souls imbibing
the flowers of the fragrances
of the foggy valleys of yesterdays
the pregnant remembrances of
the Elysian times of our soul embraces
lavenders of spring wild phloxes
in the meadows joy flirting with the
red and yellow bees the peacock calliopes
kissing the early sunrise golden blooms
brush strokes on canyon banks slopes
cheerleading the iridescent butterflies to
penetrate pollinate partake feed into
the nectar
dance with me love again and again and again
take me my soul the revenant of my fallen body
eternal a journey in the meadow where we met
down the riverbed in the Elysian Fields we knew
Photo: ndr Grand Teton, Wyoming 62019
Video: Leonard Cohen “Dance Me To The End Of Love”, 4:42 minutes

lifting a page from the phases of the moon now waning

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over 1 year

Lovely poem. I hope the Elysian Fields just as beautiful as you described.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

Thanks Brod. Poem inspired by just being alive remembering a few good times in beautiful places.

Robert L. Martin
over 1 year

What a poem - - beautiful...passionate....resonating words...etc...etc....

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

Thanks Robert.

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