Out From The Cages

A Day In The Life

Out From The Cages
              A Day In The Life
Birds cry
They plea all day long
Out from their wire cages flutter
Up into the sky free they fly
Sing and dance sling a somersault
Hypnotizing victory flights
Flocks loose at times close together calling
Crazy happy care free mocking cawing circling all day
Like trapeze acrobats soaring swinging a sky circus
Gliding to a euphony soft summer songs of indigo twilight
At dusk into the wild under the shrubs
They preen and roost
Humans unmask
Out from a sheltering refuge
Walk about squinting
under a canopy
Of a cloudless sunny sky
Rays of sun arching over an emerald pacific sea
To a mermaid dream gazebo
Reconnect reconstruct shake off
The barnacles of a frightening nightmare
Tiny rhythmic songbird calls one more time I hear
Hushed caws of blackbirds
yonder weave blend
Into a Ravelian mesmerizing bolero beat
Echo sounds of mourning doves from above would follow
A melody cascading  beneath the bushes roost
Tapering gently finding its way lullabying my head at dusk
To a tossing turning night
Stretch and smile the song birds the cooing synchrony of turtledoves a pleasing music I  hear
It is morn another day in the life
Photo:ndr Pigeon flight from a nearby Guadalupe Church, Puerto Vallarta MX 3.2020

A mourning dove be with you.

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