A Celebration of Joy

Palm Sunday
I walked four miles to and fro
Not usual kids and palms
As I crossed Sunday Mass crowd
                       * * *
Photo: ndr front yard
As the palm branch represents the triumph of spirit over flesh the red hibiscus symbolizes
a celebration of joy-together with the palm -a new beginning.

May the real Jesus The Christ stand up please? And He did! A new beginning.
Five7Five - 7-7

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Charlotte B. Williams
about 2 months

I was just reading about Palm Sunday in the Sriptures this morning In St. John 12; 13 to 15. They finally gave Jesus the Praise He was do. He was not just a man. He was the Son Of God.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 2 months

And those who have Faith who believe in Him shall have the light in darkness.
Thanks Charlotte for the like.

Robert L. Martin
11 months

He did it all for us. What a man was he.

11 months

A blessed week be yours!

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