a fantasy

Satyrs and Nymphs
Live long
Drink from the orifice of sweet life
The gods’ nectar nourishment of love
The nature’s bouquet garni
Fusing sweet scents of joy juices
Into ambrosial cornucopian indulgence
A pampering of insatiable ravenous desires
As the satyrs and nymphs feast in the park
Ah... but to dream...
The moon beam
Stirred rise again
The ocean waves
Of discrete
Love surreality
Undulating through
The wee hours
To the morning twilight
Unto the sunset past dusk
A dalliance satyric flute
One stroll in the park
By the beach far away
Crescendoed to
Stravinsky rites
With giggling nymphs
In a secluded nook
By the cliff
And repeat...
Now transfixed
By satyric
Intoxicating flute music...
Fused the sweet
Scents of love
Love long

A fantasy trip to a satyr and nymph festival

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Robert L. Martin
24 days

Sounds like fun. I loved the phrase of yours, "crescendoed to Stravinsky rites." That took me right into fun of the festival.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
24 days

I have to visit that park again...in my avatar maybe as a tree next time they love-fest.

It was fun fantasizing about Satyrs, Pans and Nymphs.

Thank you Robert.

25 days

What a lovefest. “To the morning twilight Unto the sunset past dusk”. It’s like time stood still, and joy remains forever. It’s a version of heaven albeit not our own.


Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
24 days

Oblivious to time. Went on forever.

Thanks Brod. Glad you liked.

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