shelter in love

shelter in time

sheltered-in strange things
you feel from time to time
the loneliness
emptiness and deep sorrow
musing about death wondering
losing a loved one especially
one’s beloved life partner
most especially eyes open
during the night getting to sleep
how much more painful
lonely it could be you wonder
if this comes to pass
mind does not explode
hoping fervently if did
hoping come back you would
to senses live the life remaining
like loving the lost beloved
you did lifetime together
empty times out of the blue
just would be there with you
sorrow sweeping all over
body the soul
even only fleetingly
felt deeply incised why
we are lost for words we say
when someone passed away
no words there are simply to express
the feeling of emotional emptiness
take it in live through its course
let it be experience it all is done
the pain carry with you
consciously unconsciously
even in the acceptance of death
the smiling devil notwithstanding
in the backdrop is time
the universal healer stood by
markers in all nature yet unmoving
sees feels caresses you
sees feels heals the pain
silently dawn to sundown
twilight to twilight as it remains still
helps you to see many things
beautiful more enhancing flowering
fragrant attractive to a grieving soul
casts off things mind polluting
like water the universal solvent
dirt earth debris wash away
down the stream to open sea
likewise time clears the recesses
of a foggy mind the mirages
sharp images you begin to see again
body mind and spirit whole again
happy memories there with you again
in the sky you see nothing but rainbows
you begin to love your old self again
you begin to love again and more
happiest of all dwelling inside your
heart smiling knows you the best
the loved one you lost physically
in spirit putting things back together
that strange thing you feel
the deep sorrow of loneliness
that engulfs your whole being all day
eyes blank to the ceiling all night
beyond yonder to nowhere
made sure is washed away
the embodiment of life
the essence of time
love memories
deep sadness at times
brought by remembering
still will hold keep
everything together
day and night
as you shelter in
in spirit in love
with your lost loved one
Photo:ndr Sedona AZ

Sheltering in place gives you a lot of time musing on a lot of things. Things that clatter your mind and remain clattered in your mind slowly come to focus. Enough focused it’s scary. More scary under uncertain times like we are under currently. Rest assured though that this poem is just a figment from the time that suddenly was handed to us.

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