Senior Moments

Smiling the Smiles
             Senior Moments
You put a pot of water on the stove
Turned on the burner to parboil half a
Chicken for dinner with some greens
You had time to pot around the yard
Went out to the front yard came back in
Straight down the basement thought you
Been to for the hand twig clipper you need
Looked around forgot what you are there for
Got out of the house with a bamboo leaf rake
And a plastic debris bag for sure you’ll need
Not too long a neighbor struck a conversation
With you her little chihuahua licking your toes
Laughing the laughs and giggling the giggles
You she the chihuahua were having a good time
Gossiping gossips smiling the smiles foot licking
Bending over laughing straight up catching breaths
On and on hardly any yard work done
The sun started sinking the shadows
Got longer there is chill in the air wide eyes
Suddenly you jumped up ran to the kitchen
Speechless the neighbor went about her business
Dumbfounded as she was you stood in the kitchen
Feared the water boiled down the pot had cracked
Shut off the wrong burner brighter than sun heating the air
You begin to laugh little  laughs again not surprisingly
Tears down your cheeks smiling the smiles once more
Senior moments how long these would last you wonder
Hands slid down your face you resolved hoping the hope
(c)NDRJuly 27, 2018
Photo: ndr Cork Oak tree bark sprouting life

Hang in there. These little signs of the effects of age are alarming and are feared to be the onset of losing one’s mind. I do not know anything about dementia. When I forget something I just forget it, I let go, not worry. And do something else. Pretty soon it comes back to me and I smile-got the keys back, found my wallet, his name is John, etc. Like that life shooting from the seemingly dried tree bark it is not all atrophied inside our heads-there is that thing we all know that springs eternal.

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más de 2 años


Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
más de 2 años

@Vic: Always a good time to laugh, anytime. Nothing better than laughing at ourselves this time in our life. It’s totally refreshing.

Thanks Brod. Happy that you are.

Charlotte B. Williams
más de 2 años

This is funny Nelson Ha ha haaaaa really made me laugh. I've had a few of those senior moments myself. Enjoyed reading this. ( Smile )

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
más de 2 años

@Charlotte: I am happy it made you happy. Find yourself smiling all the time, it helps. It’s a positive thing.

Thanks Charlotte for enjoying.

Robert L. Martin
más de 2 años

I liked this very much. It started me thinking about the future. It is there, so nothing I can do about it. When the time comes when I start losing my mind, I'll just have to deal with it. But for now, I'm writing along as much as I can and enjoying the moment.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
más de 2 años

@Robert: I do the same. And also get entertained taking pictures of anything that crosses my attention, just take pictures, not on a big journey on purpose. I enjoy it as much as I enjoy washing dishes and taking the trash out.

You’re right all we can do is enjoy the moment, writing or anything your mind is set on doing at the moment. And you smile!

Thanks Robert.


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