A Love Dream

Strange Disappearance
                A Love Dream
Food on the dining table
Feeds a boy and a girl
With rice and butter
Two neighbors are helping out
In the kitchen washing dishes
And the sink clogged up
More food for the girl and the boy
But not deliver to their house
The mother might get insulted
My grandchild looked at me asked
To give the food to his brother
There with the kids in the house
Black ducks and ducklings
Appeared walked in the kitchen
With a black suckling pig along
Lined up quietly in front of the
Kitchen sink cabinet eating
The neighbors helping out
Continue washing the dishes
My wife comes home
Greeted by my grandkids
Now by the wood front gate
Between two tall fruit trees
Both wanted to climb took
Her right hand to their forehead
My wife saw the ducks and
Ducklings and the suckling pig
In the kitchen still eating... quietly
Didn’t see the girl and the boy
Neither did I as I looked in
Nor did I see them disappear
My bladder nudged me dream ends
I wish how I wish in the next dream maybe
Will catch up with the girl and the boy
See the ducks their ducklings the suckling pig
All of them with my grandkids grown up
The food on the table a Thanksgiving Dinner maybe
The two tall tees ever reaching up to the sun
The two good neighbors there ready to help
And Grandma a prayer to share with rice and butter
Photo: ndr

A dream...waiting for a sequel.

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Robert L. Martin
over 1 year

I'm sure the sequel will be exhilarating to read also. Maybe the sink will get fixed.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

Can’t wait. Also for the sink to get fixed. Wish my dreams to come more often than my nightmares.
Thank you Robert.


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