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The Backyard Walkway
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You retreat from yourself disengage your labyrinthine mind
Precisely before dinner you sweep the backyard walkway
Routine but not the quiet meditation you get walking the way
Hardly any cottontail rabbit past twilight usually earlier dined
A little breeze not windy few leaves to clear done in no time
The mourning doves wing whistled to roost another shrub
Lizards nowhere in sight visiting egret flew back to creek hub
Squirrels nest tucked-in chipmunks in burrows cheeks sublime
All quiet you hear you feel a state of peace around the backyard
All creatures settling for a moonlit night once more entertained
Lullabied to a dream by crickets and frogs into a symbiotic refrain
To a wonderful morrow when familiar sweet noises songs of birds
Break with the dawn a sunny day at hand the walkway again a ply
Beach pink butterflies appear flower’s delight as a lizard rolls an eye
                                                   * * *
Photo: ndr

Sweeping the backyard walkway, a chore before dinner and a warm up before a 2-mile +/- walk usually at twilight when the temps go down. All these God's lovely friendly, and I know, smiling creatures know me. I can almost hear them say, "here he comes again with his broom". No, I didn't hear anyone of them said "old man". :-))

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