Warm Pumpkin Drink

The Last Kiss of Summer
              Warm Pumpkin Drink
Slice of bean sprout button mushroom pizza
Malt vinegar French fries sea salt sprinkled
Sipping cold foamy tap beer and dead ahead
The beach shimmered in the oblique sun rays
Midnight blue shadows now creep long as the sun
Tweaks a blushing late summer sea horizon
Shadows slow dance from the ice cream lines
Interweave into chatty lively boardwalk crowd
A summery sight the essence of the sultry dog days
As the cool breeze suddenly whipped by cuddling
The bright colors teeny bikini clad sun lovers huddling
Seagulls swooped vortex like to chips on the floor and soared as fast
The waves under the pier break into loud intense
Bubble swirls creating a curtain of foamy air
Transforming into a wafer thin screen scatters
A jagged rainbow fleetingly gossamer a summertime’s
Last breath last waves breaking into the surf zone
Indelible scene beckoning see me hear me all seasons
Anxiety sinks at sunset at sunrise positive emotions awake
One more dawn to sunrise jog one last twilight walk you’d try
Last shot at catching a killer shark... hmm ...you’ll see from the pier
A hermit crab found a new home glance once more at summer
Under the baby blue sky sandpipers camaraderie gulls solitude
“Ice cream!” one last cry all eyes with glee are on the vendor
Like the mole in the hole that pops up in the head whacking game
The joys of summer await you next season to sink more heads laugh at yourself
The last kiss of summer...last glimpses of cornfields and sunflowers
Last stops at roadside farmer’s stand the colorful offerings spread out
First warm pumpkin drink at hand topped with a red maple leaf
The first sweet kiss of fall a soft cool late summer wind hugs your soul
Photo: ndr Topsail Beach NC  my camera not fast enough to capture a jagged fleeting rainbow

Musing a few late summer remembrances at the beach. That pizza with the pumpkin drink? Hmm...maybe.

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Charlotte B. Williams
almost 3 years

Very nice Nelson, Summer was fun, but I actually like the fall.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
almost 3 years

I have a feeling you’d like this one, thank you.

Autumn is mesmerizing, the colors and the cool air set you up for a joyous journey to all that’s good you expect from life and continue on the year following.

Thanks again Charlotte.

almost 3 years

Alas! ‘tis almost over
Warm days sultry evenings
But memories last forever
Here’s to new beginnings!


Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
almost 3 years

Thanks Brod. Salud! See you soon in Las Vegas.

almost 3 years

@Nelson: Sorry brod. We won’t be going to Vegas. We are on a cruise to Alaska that week

Robert L. Martin
almost 3 years

That was great. I loved the rhythm and imagery. It made me sad to think that summer is just about over.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
almost 3 years

Can the Season of Joy be far behind?

Thanks Robert.

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