The Moon Also Rises

...a pink moon

...joyful singing and dancing of Mother Nature... you touch springtime you dance and sing with the pink moon now rising... ndr
      The Moon Also Rises
              ...a pink moon... a burst of spring...
A greater self awareness
You seek focused mindful
You walk a solitary walk
Jog a favorite trail at dawn
Walk the cold shore at sunset
Run a lively city park you love
There is a spring in your step
The malaise of winter all behind you
Your love of nature
Caring for nonhuman friends
Caring for your health
And well being defined you
A lover of life a friend for life
Your love of music put a smile on your face
Hearing a tune brought back memories
Of a lost love a lifetime ago
A song of love cherished
Only a songbird can sing in springtime
You dance with the butterflies
like the kid you were
Tender like a butterfly you gently kiss the earth
Feel its pulse welcoming in sync with your heart
The heat the warmth the nourishment it gives
You feel the aura of life all around reinvigorating reconnecting
You bond with the burst of springtime
Savor the fragrance feel the fresh air the soft breezes
You fly hover the sunflowers and wheat straws in the field of dreams
See the ruby sun in the purple horizon setting
Soar higher into the pink sky you fly
You take the outstretched hands of an angel
Kiss and dance to the pink moon
Now rising in the grand twilight of the sky awaiting for you
No hardship adversity wretchedness
Can rule dominate our life... we shall
Spring is upon us the pink moon is rising
Happy glorious Easter flowering of life
Peace love and harmony to all
Photo:xanda monteiro

Pink Moon: April 16, 2022, prelude to Flower Moon in May when Spring flowers are in abundance.

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