A New Beginning

Dream: May 4, 2007, woke up 8:25 am. I normally sleep in.
                              . . .
dancing fancy
walking old man appeared
in white yellow outfit
and said we could do better
taught us the style how to do it
we followed his steps
he said he was a famous man
we asked him to do a dance
a real fancy one something real fancy
he tried but could not move his feet
we laughed taunting him
he said he was a famous man
we said show us
show us that you can dance
we laughed at him
he said he was a famous man
all of a sudden he leaned back
stretched himself became
a different person physically
not old anymore but a young man
and lean and began stretching
his lean long legs like a plastic man
and began dancing moving curving
stepping to the left stepping to the right
leaning sideways bending forward backward
walking short steps then long steps
then suddenly he was airborne
and flying overhead
left us looking with awe he was up there
in the air above us high up there
doing fancy flying
doing fancy dancing
I didn’t notice
I began lifting myself up as well
started flying
jaws gaping in disbelief
flew higher
doing some fancy figures
like a happy songbird
then all of us were up in the air
joining the old young man
following him wherever he flew
over earth over water over mountains
over valleys and stretches of dry land
and like the red light was lit
it all came into a stop
we were all back onto earth
in some rocky mountan bluffs
we looked for the old young man
we could not find him
nowhere he was not in sight
then... and there appeared a duck
blue reddish
climbing down the rock crevices
I tried to be friendly with the duck
tried to hold him
he avoided me
I tried again and again until
finally he let me hold him
and I held him dearly in my arms
I felt that this was the old man
I said it couldn’t be
then I realized that he was
the old man
that he lost his magical power
and turned into a harmless duck
I held and hugged and caressed
his soft underside
gave him more hugs and kisses
and I woke up
found my cat Colby
sleeping next to me
purring when she realized I was awake
I hugged her as usual
and whispered I love you
as I do every time she was in bed with me
                          . . .
Photo: Public Domain, dream deities

Later on the same day, May 4, 2007, my first grandson Kiran was born in San Francisco. My wife was there, I was in Virginia. I jotted this dream a few moments after I woke up, in detail as if the dream was being replayed, as I know dreams have a way of vanishing by the time you get to the bathroom. But this dream is different, the first time I had a dream in color and in amazing detail. Am keeping the original notes.
Btw, Colby my cat was a gift from my son. She lived to be 13/14 years old. Had her buried in a pet cemetery together with cat Sunshine, lived to 5, from my daughter.

Any interpretations?

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J Ann Crowder
over 4 years

Hmmm? I will give it my best shot. I actually am very fond of dreams. They don't always mean something but when one sticks with you it's a good idea to figure out what it means. I have only had a handful of dreams throughout my life time like this. I still remember those few dreams vividly to this day. I interpret you dream to mean FAITH. In life we need to have faith to succeed, and we often need others to show us the way. Your old, young man must represent someone important in your life, who showed you how to love life, to succeed, and to live right, dance, have fun etc. This person must have needed you at some point too. And, the significance of your grandson being born must mean you being in a position to lead him.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 4 years

You nailed it! Hi Jenifer, I can't hide anything from you,
you have my number!
You're absolutely right about my father who instilled in us FAITH as did his father onto him. And my mother who had a permanent smile on her face, a fun person to be with. Both parents showed us what love is all about. Never quit to be happy in your life, basically what they taught us siblings.
Thanks for your thoughts, Jenifer.

Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

Even if I had a pen handy, I don't think I could remember my dream.

Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

I can't remember my dreams hardly at all. I wish I could. I could write something about them.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 4 years

I keep a handy tickler notebook next to me on top of the bedside table not in the drawer. The trick is finding a pen! :-))
Thank you Robert as always.

about 4 years

@Nelson D Reyes: What I do is to write a text message to myself. That's also how I write my little poems while I am in my early morning or early evening walks.

over 4 years

Great dream. I wish I could remember dreams vividly. I did have fantastic dreams as a child which i wrote into the poem "Where the Sea Meets the Sky"

Well done brod. Like

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 4 years

Just read "Where the Sea Meets the Sky". Wonderful kingdom of a dream! Like.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 4 years

And thank you for liking above poem.

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