To Dance with the Muses

...life polka dances a new day...the flowers of life...

To Dance with the Muses
Dancing with the nine muses paradisal
Sashaying pleaching with every step
Twist and pirouette and tease they do
As the street shadows begin to stretch
In the alleys pathways of the landscapes
Ever longing my body and spirit in continual feast
Swinging the slow dance four stepping the two step
Getting lost in the rhapsody in the beauty of life in the symphony of loving
The poetry of a purplish sea the scarlet glimmering setting sun
The allure of the waltzing undulating azure waves flickering silver sparks
Romancing the moonbeams the cool twilight lavender breezes
With my naked soul in a complacent satin dusk baroque bliss
Engrossed in the silence of a meditative darkening ebony surround
As the moon slips entwines with the wind clouds
A pure beauty of luna a magnificent moonlight sonata alone visually magical and heard
Took a bite of a morning danish pastry
As the sun rises and the shrubs and trees
Dew-twirl frisk their leaves and flowers from Morpheus dreamland slumber
Reach out touching the sun the warm soft sun rays
Savoring the sweet invigorating airborne cool sunlight
As the songbirds play a Sousa brass tune welcoming of the day
Deep dark eggshell sheen crows crowing
Gray buff mourning doves owl-like melancholy coos call for love
A glorious pouring in of sunlight a euphony through interstitial tree canopies
Celestial under a cloudless cerulean uplifting morning sky
Stravinsky pivoting the solar planets into a choral symphonic git up jig
Cleared my throat with fresh brewed java
Body refreshed stepped into a circle dance
Of satyr inspired pan flute joy leaping up and down
A splendorous day ahead with the smiling giggling nine muses
Yes life is set ready for the beer polka dance Summer festivals far into the night
Cheering  the waxing gibbous into the fall harvest full moon
Into advent trumpeting the season of joy celebrations
Into the orchestral euphoria of embracing
The flowers blossoming the flowers of love
The flowers of life
Photo: ndr  Queensland’ Lacebark tree native to Australia in our front yard. It seasons to Australia’s climate.

Hopeful beyond covid

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