a climate change

winter warmest
           a climate change
another most memorable Christmas
dinner recipes from great grandma’s
kitchen the sweet fragrances of life
euphoria brimming with joy exultation
we gather family friends loved ones
a dinner divine fit for a King’s court
food from God’s bounty spread plentiful
borne by the sacred faith instilled in us
reaching out with bliss to family and all
extended family friends strangers even
for remembrances on cloud nine memories
warmth joy good cheer and togetherness
the joyous time spent looking around picking up
a glorious Christmas tree trimming stringing celestial
multi-color bright tiny lights rainbow wrapped around
gingerly and merry jingle character ornaments hung
topped with purplish lighted epiphany shining star
and simple love tokens all colorful under the tree
in the cold cold days of the season of glad tidings
advent candles of joy carols sung stories funny told
a rise in spending time close together worldwide
with family acquaintances and loved ones alike brings
a tropical feeling of harmony rapturous camaraderie
yes warmest bliss climate change in winter snowy nights
Photo: ndr Santa in my patio 12.20.2018
Video:Andre Rieu “Jingle Bells” 2:17 minutes

Santa is in Town! Gather around the Christmas Tree.

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Sim Evora
5 days

My favorite time of the year

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
4 days

Thank you Sim for visiting. I am sure you enjoyed the video as well. Fantastic group -Andre Rieu’s. Betsy and I saw them in San Diego a few years ago. Had a great time. Only thing there was hardly a room to do a decent waltz. Nonetheless many did try,
Thanks again.

over 1 year

A blessed Christmas Brod

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

Same to you Brod your loved ones as well.

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