there am i

with you
         there am i
like clockwork the song birds at twilight
send morning greetings
you tossed turned hardly slept
now morning comes
you didn’t hear the teapot whistle either
no coffee smell
no rush of water no sink noises
nor bathroom’s
no cabinet door squeaking
no jingly sounds of meds portioning
one dozen and two eggs
still in the fridge tray
not a whiff of bacon sizzling either
you feel alone as likely you would be
welled up eyes you cope
unconnected disoriented
not anywhere you see am i
the living room
yes the living room our den
with the woes of the day’s events we share
the music we love fond memories rush in
a dark sheen tv screen now you see
staring at you
quiet you prefer sometimes anyway
as when I was enjoying my meal
in our cozy den
you putting together thousand pieces puzzles under the stairs
on the cherry folding table your sister gave you
the soothing chamber music ambience usually there you quietly listen
minuets Mozart’s Beethoven’s
but silence you hear now in your moments of solitude
you feel alone as likely you would be
welled up eyes you cope
unconnected disoriented
not anywhere you see am i
at all times I feel your pain
your wanting to talk to me
the things we did things we enjoyed songs we danced to
the everyday food we love
exotic favorites we take out
sat in for at times
ah how we love desserts sweetened our smiles
in your way unexpected I always was in the paths we cross
moments of frowns yet always we smiled
here there dance sashay our way out we back step
the loud calls of the songbirds
near the garden you love to tend
red bougainvilleas yellow bells rainbow roses
lavender fragrance engorged succulents
again are calling wanting to help in anyway
amusingly we both laughed
and the birds flew happily singing lovely songs
to roost in the bushes at sunset
a garden moment I cherish in my musings as I lay down to dream
you feel alone as likely you would be
welled up eyes you cope
unconnected disoriented
not anywhere you see am i
listen to your heart again
like always you do
a love there in your heart to give
and grasp my hand firmly
as I stood next to you
there at all times from the sky
in your moments of solitude
again with you am i

you are never alone my love, I am there with you at all times

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2 months

Aye! To be with someone you love... Times you get an answer before you ask. Minds as one.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
2 months

Glad you liked Brod.
I can’t for the life of me imagine staying/living your last days where memories with a loved one you spent a whole life with are so strong you see and feel her presence every where you look and be. ThT would be a challenge. Maybe let go of everything and move to another country.
Like one of your poems says “we’re in the waiting lobby” for the next train.

Robert L. Martin
3 months

Hi Nelson. At first I thought that she was gone, because the verbs were all in the past tense, but am glad that she in the present. It was a nice love poem.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
3 months

Glad you liked. Thanks.
Thought I’d muse a little on love clear my mind of the hard shaking that’s going on all around.
Enjoying as well your poems. Best break to take. Wish you well.

Robert L. Martin
3 months

At firsy

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