snakeriver range

Wrong Prairie, Cowboy
           Snakeriver Range
Listen to the trail
Down the stream
Spur a dream
Darn let it fly river wind
Bleed remorse of
Her brave magic
Sadly we can saddle
Down two ornery trees
If women reckon wander
Rattle men tell lies
Be danger
Most need her now
Yet how they dally
Fear rodeo woman
Cold winter beauty
Whirlpool winds
Vortices of saddled times
In the sweet mountain peaks
Under the bighorn sky
The wolves’ gridiron
Drink crazy I
Highfaluting through the ranch water dance
And rustic cattle
And yellowstone blades of grass
White tails give
Kitchen window headlight stares
Wrong prairie, cowboy
Know yer true heart
Live like the sweet yonder howl
The lone moon song’s for a wild fool
Tomorrow is a strange yesterday
Never go wrangle with grizzly buckaroo
That snake ride is big trouble boy
Curse you critter mountain
Drink and die high I
Bellow bull....s
Dead broke
Mindful morning
Free sky
After manure
And skunky puddles
Why some ghost
Did us out
Punt high kiss the sun
Poke at the devil
Prairie cowboy
Cry sore shy man
Hitch pardner pony
Ride the Montana white water gulch
Saddle unto twilight snakeriver range
Photo: ndr Yellowstone National Park Old Faithful

Fridge magnetic poetry on a family vacation in Grand Teton National Park/Yellowstone National Park, Montana/Wyoming June 2019 composed by the Reyes Hube Gandhi Family.

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Robert L. Martin
about 1 year

I wish I could rid myself of nouns and verbs and all that grammatical crap that my teachers drilled into me. I wish I could tell a story without them like you do, Nelson. If I ever do someday, I owe my success to you.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 1 year

Those “crappy grammatical rules” actually directed me to juggle the verbs, nouns, objects, prepositions, etc and still convey something that makes sense or at least I thought it will. If not it just proves that I am as crazier than I thought I was. And that’s the whole point! Ha!

You’re still my idol and will all the time make a difference in my work. And I truly thank you.
Best to you as always.

about 2 years

Just like Robert. I tell stories in the poems I write. With sentences, prepositions and conjunctive words. LOL! (I've written a few that don't rhyme, perhaps a handful) Amazing how you do otherwise. Like!!

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

Sometimes I go real crazy and just write and write and put them together not making any sense in anyway. I let it go and go back and tweak some more but ended up more crazy. And that’s it. Like emptying your fridge and you come up with a to-die-for paella.

Thanks Brod for liking.

Robert L. Martin
about 2 years

Thanx Nelson. You give me the inspiration to keep plugging away at it.

Robert L. Martin
about 2 years

Hi Nelson. That was great. I admire this much because I try to write in this style, but I always end up making sentences and putting proper verbs and nouns in their proper order, & etc. Poetry is poetry and stories are stories. I always end up combining poetry with stories, proper words in proper sentences. I always try to break out of it.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

Thanks that you liked.
You’ve written many poems that are pure beautiful poetry-succinct and condensed sparsely prose.
Yet packed with stories/metaphors. And that’s the beauty of poetry vs story. Like you said - long story short.

And you, my friend, are the poet laureate.

Thanks again.

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