Why am I laying here with pain in my heart. I’m thinking of friendship that even seem so far apart.
I’ve made the efforts
I’ve swallowed the pains and not even your attention I seem to not have gained.
What can I do to make this work
You seem so distracted that even if I tried you’d probably not even notice
What are we?
Are we friends?
or are we people who just meet up every now and again?
You don’t call you don’t meet up
And when I do I end up getting beat up
Beat up by words beat up by your games beat up by fear that I might not be the friend you want to gain
I put my heart out there for you
Right in there your name is tattooed
But it seems like a one way street
This thing got me that I can’t even sleep
I feel I’ve lost you without losing you
I hope I haven’t done anything that keeps on bruising you
If I have I’d really love to know so I can fix it and our friendship will grow
I’m thinking of letting go
Cause only then i probably will know
if its only me who’s watering our friendship tree


This is about two friends who seem to have grown apart. One however recognises and reaches out but feels like she's trying alone.

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Nickeisha Nicole
oltre 4 anni

Thank you Leesan Robertson, it was written from the heart.

Leesaan Robertson
quasi 6 anni

I love this poem and it's has a lot of meaning and truth to it.

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