Why does my eyes feel so teary
Every word spoken
Wether good or bad
Every turn I make, my eyes remind me that they have tears
My body is nervous
My hands are shaking
Yet I can’t tell if my heart is even breaking
I’m now being cool
But still the tears are there
Oh how I need to get out of this atmosphere
But I can’t cause I’m working, I’m on the job
Don’t want no one to notice
So please tears go away!
My teary eyes
Not one streak flowed,
My tears didn’t fail me
But why are you here?
I’d be satisfied if I had a clue
Then I’d probably let you flow through
My teary eyes, my teary eyes
what are you?


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Nickeisha Nicole
oltre 4 anni

Thanks Steven :-)

Leesaan Robertson
quasi 6 anni

lovely write

circa 6 anni

nice write, fine piece, well done, God bless, Gordon

Nickeisha Nicole
quasi 7 anni

Thank you Steven

quasi 7 anni

it's really sincere

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Leesaan Robertson

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