When water first flows,
It may not find itself to be a river,
But as time passes,
And water continues to flow,
It will find its path,
And come into its own.
Through this process,
Of defining itself,
It will cross paths with others,
Sharing strength as one river,
And with united fervor,
Surpass barriers,
Prior thought impassable.
Some walls may be too vast,
Even for this new found power,
And they will split paths once more,
To overcome the obstacle,
Taking with them,
From which they had,
This shared existence.
Sometime they shall cross paths again.
Water finds its way into atmosphere,
And falls down to the earth,
Forming lonely puddles,
Or streams that feed a single tree,
Or storms that drown whole villages,
Without a semblance of discern,
And some will form new rivers,
That crawl out to the sea,
Where all is one,
And one is all.


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