Painting a picture of love
I still see you
Painting a picture of being in love I see him and I
Holding hands
Smiling with pride
I grown to love his true personality day by day
I know it’s more a long the way
Loving You hurts me and makes me better
Because You meant something to me and you still do
But he’s in and I’m happy about that too .
I hope I can make this situation better than what had happened with you
We ended so tragically
I still can’t forget how it went through
But he’s here
And I hope he’ll save me
I hope he’ll love me
and I can do better for him
I hope I can make him smile
And he’ll be with me still
I’m in love with him
I hope he doesn’t fall out of love with me .
And You Said You loved me and Your still around
You get me things when I’m down
But If so why did you somehow frown
Why did it have go down?
I’ll always be here whenever
I hope with him it can be a forever
Because I’m tired of living in a fairytale too
I’m in love with him and I hope he loves me too

February 4,2017

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