to Mpho Mafokwana

(How many drinks for her?)
How many drinks do I have to take?
I broke my heart so many times,
But how many promises do I have to break?
She was my nightmare,
How many dreamers do I have to wake?
My eyes are thirsty to see the beauty of her flawless mind,
I am not her type but she is my kind,
I want to drink her love till I pass out,
I want to make all this thoughts about her so loud,
She’s just there,
Standing with her hungry lungs swallowing every inch of the atmospheric air,
Being behind her head makes me lose my breath because her smile suffocates my sadness,
Her moves are convincing
Speaking my mind didn’t make her listen to hers,
There was a vision in the darkness of love
But I was emotionally filled with a storm that my brains couldn’t brain-storm,
Having sex with her brightness was my only choice,
I’m touching her lips
And caressing her smile
She’s pregnant with this amazing intelligence,
The kind of intellect that drifts my doubts apart,
Her worries are far away from being her labor pains,
She’s a thief that steal hearts and leave no evidence,
How many drinks do I have to take because I’m already drunk in Love!!

The poem is about my girl friend whom i loved and still love. im just trying to admire her presence to my life and how she had transformed my life

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