My consciousness
But a tiny speck of light
Drifting through eons.
I am the dust
Of a yet unborn star,
Her fiery nucleus
Cradled in a womb of a nebula,
Patiently waiting, dreaming
Of another lifetime...
©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2013

Star, dust, light, cosmos, nebula, womb, lifetime

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Olga Gavrilovskiy
over 4 years

Thank you :-)

Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

A nice poem

Olga Gavrilovskiy
almost 6 years

Thank you, Cindy :-)

almost 6 years

I love this. Beautiful.

Olga Gavrilovskiy
almost 6 years


Patricia May Neiderer
almost 6 years

with drops of tears
his heart repairs
to knowing is not known
but the longing doeth
gnaw the sharp teeth
salted with poetry

Olga Gavrilovskiy
almost 6 years

Is there a way back to where he belongs...

Patricia May Neiderer
almost 6 years

cracking from it's shell
as it first opens it's eye
to realize that he missed his turn
in the wrong land with different sand
but how did he know?

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