Shut the door behind a tired day.
Let the last sun rays flee
Behind horizon lines.
Weary soul plunging into
Welcome arms of night.
This stifling dress of dusty day,
Pull it off my shoulders.
Free my flesh,
Let it inhale
Warm breath of candle light,
As your lips caress my bare skin
With sweet melody of your heart song.
This daily weight I carry,
Gently take it off my shoulders.
Trace my life
Down the ridges of my spine.
Let my drowsy body
Seek refuge of your arms,
Engulf, envelop me in your inferno.
Gently lower on me
The comfort of your weight.
Slowly, press, push down,
To where two meld into one.
Disintegrate yourself in me,
And feel me melting into you.
Hear me like the distant ocean sigh,
My fingertips coaxing wings
out of your shoulder blades,
Your feverish lips kissing
Constellations off my shoulders.
Hear me sigh,
Hear me moan,
Like the eternal ocean.
©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2014

Evening, love, night, desire

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Olga Gavrilovskiy
about 6 years

Thank you, Steven.

steven t.
about 6 years

A lovely mix of passion, indulgence and the sensuous nature of your soul...

Olga Gavrilovskiy
about 6 years

Thank you, Cory :-)

Cory Garcia
about 6 years

That was beautiful! Well done sister poet!!!

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