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Two Pieces

Monotonous thunder
Of metal on metal
At the speed of Great Transsiberian
Reverberates in my eardrums.
Thousands upon thousands
Of silent miles;
I ride my iron horses,
Desperate to cut this distance
Between us to none.
Locomotive’s rocking motion,
Like mother’s hand on a cradle,
Lulls my weary head.
Bottomless night looks back at me,
From beyond, through glass.
Looks back with your eyes.
Angle of the jaw line, set just so,
Patiently stubborn,
Pleasant bow of the cheekbone,
Freckles, fare skin that loves sunlight
And collects in itself each ray, like a kiss.
Features of my face, so different,
Yet, I am your spitting image.
Your sister? They’d ask you.
No, with a beaming smile, my daughter.
What came first? Chicken or the egg?
You? Or the vision of me through you?
I am your poem, your Swan Song.
My life is your ode to Life.
Two screams at birth merge in unison.
Our voice is identical,
We sing songs of old as one.
This voice, that echoes
Through every cell of my being,
It calls.
These hands, that have held me,
And never let go,
With the promise to welcome
My unborn children into this world,
They call.
This heart, that is my heart,
It tugs with the urgent need
To return my love home,
Bring together two pieces,
Mother and daughter,
Make us again one whole.
©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2014

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