My mouth is closed.
My tongue is arrested.
I muted my throat,
I’m trying to speak with my eyes.
When I’m tired of words
Futile and meaningless
I turn to the language of
Of Gazes,
And glances
That will tell me
A different truth.
For eyes,
Whether they be of my dog’s,
Full of devotion
And silent acceptance,
My friend’s, always there
With comfort and understanding,
An enemy’s that are poisoned
With hatred,
Or simply a stranger’s, covered
With indifference in efforts
To protect the fragile world of dreams
Where I’m not welcome,
Eyes are not able to lie.
Not able to hide
The crazy feeling that craves inside
Me, goes through the
Veins from my brain
To my heart, and back...
Not able to trust it to words either
I’m trying to tell with my eyes,
I look into yours...
©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2014

eyes, gaze, love, silence

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