You hurt me

we either have been or at least know of someone who has been a victim of domestic abuse. Help spread awareness x

You’re hurting me
I spoke aloud from my mouth with a busted lip
I said you’re hurting me
The first hit collided with my faith
Smack bang in the face
The second thump knocked my confidence
Confidence in us and our future as well as myself
The third kick came and I felt at risk
I was never safe
Physically worn and mentally torn
You were my abuser from dusk till dawn
The fourth strike had me dizzy
Hope quietly left when you punched with your right
Droplets of blood stained the living room carpet
You’re killing me
The smell of alcohol was pungent
Burnt my nose and burnt the love I had for you in the beginning
I would scream so loud but you silenced me with the last blow
You hurt me
I hope the fear has mercy on our kids
The product of our love and observers of your tragic mistakes

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