If I stay what will happen?
If I love you will my heart be broken?
If I don’t say those powerful words will you leave?
If is so scary that monsters are nothing more than a butterfly.
If I see you but can’t touch you will my heart stop?
If I hold my breath long enough will time freeze?
If I say I love you will you say it back out of love or pity?
If, if, if.
It’s what puts my mind on replay
It keeps my imagination running.
It keeps me running, chasing after the ifs to see if they’re real enough to come true.
If you hold me will the pain go away?
The one two letter word that captures us all.
Keeps us guessing.
Keeps us wanting at the things that won’t happen.
If, is almost as bad as why.
Why do I say if?
Why am I so lost in my own world?
Why do I want a love so bad that it tears me apart?
If I keep saying why will I explode?
Or will all my questions be filled with never ending if’s?


I really don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this.

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