The pressure
I can feel it in my bones, with every being in my body
My skin grows hot and my eyes tear up.
I suck in air and slowly let it out,
Afraid of the noise that is trying to break free.
My mind is trapped, and wants to be voiced out.
I need to do something before this Thing is let out of its cage.
My mind is protesting as my body refuses.
No, no more pain.
Keep it all in.
Lock away the tears that need to be shed.
Sound proof the screams of agony so that no one hears
Keep yourself together before you break down
Don’t let go.
Keep holding onto the lock because it protects you.
Stay hidden behind every one else because it keeps you safe.
Don’t make a noise.
Don’t tell anyone.
Just smile.
But when a small sound was let loose, No one could hear me because they were so loud
Don’t let it out
And don’t scream.


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