The future

The future.
What will become of us in the future, shall we be remembered or forgotten?
Who will we become after this final day?
Will we be the one kid who puts down others for power and satisfaction, or a girl who looks for guys to say that she’s pretty.
Will the following year continue with suicides and bullying or people who actually begin to care
And all I wanna know is what happened?
What happened to engage meant that we were happy people and not a comment to put someone down
What happened to wearing pigtails and believing in Santa Claus?
What happened when we could go out I do believe in fairies and not be ashamed?
Twin boys have Pokemon cards like their trophies and believe that us girls had cooties.
I miss those times, when all of us were friends and enemies that could go into World War 3 at any second
When we didn’t become someone else for other satisfaction.
How we still up for others, & I ask why can’t we be friends like we were yesterday.
Why have we changed, why have we become puppets to this generation society?
And why are we doing this?
So many questions on my mind but none of them can give me an answer.
So, will tomorrow you crush someone’s dreams to become famous by saying it’s not real?
Or will you break free and come together.
As the saying goes we are better together than we are apart
So, for the sake of tomorrow let’s all try and fix today.


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