I’ve fought many battles
I’ve fought my tears whose stain were like poison
I’ve fought the whispers of those around me
I’ve fought the urge to fall apart
I’ve fought many battles, but not all of them I have won.
My crystal like tears still escape from their cage
While those whispers still scratch at my skin
I’ve fought many battles and can call my self a champion
For the pain, is bearable and I never feel it anymore
The screams are silent as my music plays loud
I’ve fought off the “dreams” since they aren’t so dreamy
I got rid of the night mares, and the never ending stories
I have chased away my un lucky fears
I’ve fought many attacks, from all shapes and sizes
So me being a survivor keeps me alive
My battles that I have won were more internal than physical
But they are still my victory because I am here
I am alive and breathing not a tear on my face
The sun is shining for the war has ceased.
The battle is over because the only person standing
Is the


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