With the heart in the casket
She could hardly survive
Her soul hung heavy on her
As she carried her body alive
Often she heard her heart wailing softly inside
Whenever she passed by the casket
She shuddered for a while
She tossed in bed for she couldn’t sleep
With her fingers she plugged her ears tight
That rang constantly with sounds of her sobbing heart
and put her in miserable plight
She paced her room day and night
Her whining heart drove her crazy
One day it finally tore her apart
And broke her completely
She took the heart out of the casket
For she couldn’t take it any long
In rage she threw it on the floor
Her face contorted and tears rolled down her cheeks
She could have burnt it at stake or drowned it in the riversdeep
But ... she crushed it under her feet
She stamped it over and over again
Till there was she felt no need
I stood rooted to the window
From the crevices of which I heard this song
Perhaps a Fakir somewhere chanting stories
of the kind Princess that lived long ago
I strained my ears to hear some more
What I heard next was not so forlorn
Whatever I could catch I relate to you
Then came He who changed the tides
He brought in her a new lease of life
The hero of this story
On bent knees He offered
His polished heart to her
“It would” he said,“Will help her live a proper life”
For at the end of her trial, the world shall proclaim
“O she had been wise”
On a full moon night under a starry sky
They stood hand in hand
He said to her, “ Your beauty lights my night like this moon
Your face in the morningbrings sunshine to my life”
She tilted her chin to the moon and said,
“Say something new ”
He tutored her well in matters of vanity, arrogance and deceit
Gradually, Her needs and desires to be humored
Grew more than he could meet
It’s hard to say if she really was so brutal to her heart
or with his heart in hers she found her better half
It may all be true or Fakir’s some fable new
© 2013 Pallavi Mahajan


poem, poetry, casket, heart, soul, alive, sobbing, crazy, stories, princess, moon, sky

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