When the sun came down and the stars shined
Like jewels studded on a clear night sky
Moved by the beauty of night
In a moment of bliss like this
She did what she had long intended
She placed her heart on a platter,
To him in ceremony presented
Dumbstruck and lost in wits
Recoiled by the sight he said,
“It is an expensive and ugly gift, sorry I can’t accept”
Weighed down with your emotions
Your heart is too heavy to bear
Scraped and scratched by your thoughts
It is tarnished and out of color
Disfigured by your expanding desires it has lost its form and its shape
What will I do with this strange thing that you call heart and to me presented
In the world as it is, I doubt you’ll find any takers for a thing like this.
Refurbish it, remodel it or recondition it for a fresh start
Or better still, reinstall a new heart


heart, platter, jewels , gift

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