Listlessly she wandered and reached the beach
With heavy heart and occupied mind she gazed vacantly at the limitless sea
Gathering herself she walked a little further
and halted where she felt the sand wet under her feet
With toes she dug hard into the sand
scooped out and pounded wet grains one foot on with another
Rigorously she continued rubbing the sand
till it scratched the soles of her feet
Energized a little she walked in waters knee deep
The cool sea breeze blew across her face
It scattered and entangled her moist hair
She sensed a cold shiver spreading from her nape across her body
But the golden glow of setting Sun warmed her face
A little step forward brought contemplation within
Floating was not an option and drowning seemed inevitable
But standing in the sea she felt miraculously healed
the touch of the Sun, the Sea, the Sand and the Wind
Made her heart seemed lighter and her spirits revived
She knew she could live through life a little longer..
She knew she was still alive


beach,healed,sun, sea

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Pratik Mohite
almost 2 years

This is beautiful.

Harish Mahajan
almost 7 years

The healing power of the Sun,the Sea ,the Sand, the Wind has been very poetically demonstrated by Pallavi . This piece of poetry is a harbinger of a new romantic poet .- Harish

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Pratik Mohite

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