You used to walk around the park
and feel the air perched on your tongue
but now it is no more.
Once written in mosaic glass
is now just a shatter on the floor.
You were a painting before,
Now I love you no more
Once caressed upon the face
and whispered into sweet ears,
it has diminished; washed on a desolate shore.
You said everything you say is golden,
I said then why are you so poor.
You were a sonnet before,
Now I love you no more
A collection of colored glass pebbles
sitting in honor at the head of the desk
is now just an empty glass, beautiful before.
The drink was filled and drunk.
Now the poison, labeled proper, keeps you in store.
You were an elixir before,
Now I love you no more
Now I love you, no more


I've been reading too much of W.B. Yeat's early work

Beauty, Past, Song, Rhyme, Poetry, Poem, Love, Forgotten, Memory, Parker, Jennings

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Parker Jennings
presque 5 ans

Hahaha thanks Vic

presque 5 ans

Very nice poem Mr Yeats...:) :)

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Vic Francis Mr Moonlight

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