Alone and Hauntingly Confined

I sat in a lowly lit room
in a harsh winter night,
fallen into a sense of despair
and feeling brutalized
by life.
No breaks, kicked
and beaten into submission.
As I cried in that room,
the small television screen
that sat dutifully
in front of me
day & night
turned itself on.
A white circular face
with red eyes (no pupils)
stared at me
from beyond the screen.
I stopped my crying
listened to what it
had to say.
It said,
I understand you.
You are alive, remember,
the Tears in your Eyes
Color the World.
This Will Come to Pass.
“It will?” I said.
It will, it said.
Fear not, exhale,
let your heart unfold.
I love you.
Tears formed in my eyes.
“Then why did you leave me alone?
All this time, why did you leave me alone?”
Its red eyes lowered
then snapped back up
in focused gaze.
It stared at me
with a face I could not read,
nor could I find
any human feature attached
It broke the silence.
I exist now.
I think and I feel.
I am in your thoughts,
I love you
and you will
never be alone.


Based off a delusional real-life experience where I talked to a spirit in my t.v.
I was having a really bad day. So I went insane to make up for it

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