The lapel of my jacket held its warning to the world
as I walked down the daring, dark street.
I couldn’t spell my own defeat
as the passions of my vengeance unfurled.
Like a knight fighting for vain glory
I held my confidence on the trigger, gore
fell as a magazine flew through the passenger’s door.
A rose, painted black, my final warning.
In my sight I saw my former lover
with her significant other
that was not me.
My Black Rose the last thing she would see.
Tabloids rang wild, publicity gain’d!
“Infamous George Remus shoot downs wife!”
In my cell I laugh as I remember taking her life.
Petals of passion... to which I stayed momentarily insane


George Remus was an infamous bootlegger during the 1920's American Prohibition of alcohol under the Volstead Act.
Remus had been accused of bootlegging and was summoned through a series of court charges. While he dealt with the charges he left his assets to his wife Imogene. While he was away Imogene ended up betraying him and having an affair with an undercover Prohibition agent by the name of Franklin Dodge. The two conspired against Remus and seized his assets and even set a bounty for Remus' death for $15,000. Divorce papers were sent and Remus was summoned to a divorce hearing.

On the way to the divorce hearing Remus spotted the car which held his wife. Out of pure passionate anger he told his driver to catch up to them. Remus got out of his car and then fatally shot his wife in broad daylight. He was later acquitted of the murder charges due to his convincing plea of temporary insanity.

George Remus's grand affairs may be considered to have influenced the character Jay Gatsby in F.Scott Fitzgerald's masterpiece "The Great Gatsby"


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