It’s loud here.
Friday darkness,
with voices clamoring
over the clinking of
plates and utensils.
Sex is everywhere.
It’s suffocating.
Men sitting on the same
side of the table as
their women friends.
Wanting to fuck.
Come on! I’m
trying to drink
my hot coffee
over here!
But my shouts are silent
and fall on deaf ears.
Perhaps, for the best,
as my mind wanders,
caressed by the heat
of my friendly drink.
I’m taken back
to when I first
called myself a man.
I was thirteen, and
alone in the city.
Took a bus to
go watch a movie,
And after I was done,
still some money left,
walked bravely into a cafe
and ordered some coffee.
First time,
and then,
thought about sex.


Independence, and how I lost my innocence.

Adulthood, sex, manhood, coffee

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