Lines of them there.
People in a crowd,
hundreds of them.
An outdoor concert, vibrations
pulsating the air, inviting the humidity
of passion, of emotion, of loud music
and the promise of sensational vibes.
It was a good time, meant to be.
In a crowd of sweaty college students,
some drunk, others high, everyone
releasing some sort of stress,
I was aware.
A dazzling light show,
like beams of a lighthouse
illuminating the night sky
for confused and lost travelers.
The speakers lined the stage
like colossal towers of Neptune’s kingdom,
giants with booming voices
that made the sky tremble.
Hard beats rocked the ear drums,
making the air dense and in attack mode.
Standing in it was a violent exposure.
So loud,
the lines in your organs
would jiggle with each tremor
of the new beat,
your heart would fight to
lurch over the airwaves,
giving you sustenance,
the brain was impacted
and split right down the middle,
thoughts no longer a possibility.
Reality melted away,
as the lucidity of the ocean
swept over the shore…
In that crowd, that passion,
I forgot myself
and became indiscernible
from the sea of nameless faces
around me.


Friday night outdoor concert at Cal Poly Pomona university.

Thanks to my sister who brought me

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over 5 years

Miss the old outdoor concerts when Free!
went to Bruce Springsteen concert in
Glasgow poem good!!

over 5 years

I know that feeling, the music isn't listened to it's felt. good description.

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