Do I dare sing of love
in the middle of the night?
When ghosts of family past
stand in my sight?
They judge me
I know they do.
They judge me
as ghosts often do.
Reluctant to reach out
and touch my being,
caress my vital skin
without me seeing.
But I perceive them
in funeral suits and gowns.
Their quiet eyes sunken and solemn.
Paralzed mouths, cemented frowns.
I think of the warmness of life
and the promises of my lover...
these deathly relatives continue to stare
as I slide my head under covers


Second Poem in my Ten Day Halloween Poetry Series. Eight more to go!

Halloween, Poetry, Spooky, Ghosts, Family, Values, Night, Lover, Guilt, Guests, poem, rhyme, parker, jennings

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Parker Jennings
quasi 5 anni

I'm feeling better now and should be uploading again soon.

quasi 5 anni

Sorry to hear that. Hope you're better now

Parker Jennings
quasi 5 anni

I was not. Eight days ago I was hospitalized for acute pancreatis and I've been in recovery ever since.Completely obliterated my Halloween series. Not even sure if I should finish it since it's November

Connor Lane
quasi 5 anni

Love it! Every Halloween poem I read makes me like mine less and less haha. Great writing.

quasi 5 anni

Were you able to write all ten poems? I must have read four at least.I wrote one Halloween poem - "Maleficent" - not sure if it was scary though. :)

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