Oh how I wish
my talent with words
were like
that of a painter
with color and dimension.
So that I could describe
to you this scene,
one that I keep seeing.
The moon, in the
dark brooding night.
Surrounded by a chorus
of filmy gray clouds,
hovering about like
a whirlpool
in the sky.
Shifting and shaping
like an ocean’s whirlpool
in the sky!
And the stars,
in their eternal gaze,
watched the moon
as it was.
A mysterious golden
eye floating in space.
And it was surreal to me
as I watched the moon
clothe itself
with those clouds
to make a
holy aura
that is beyond
my understanding.
And how that aura
came to be
a crown
unbound in that
silvery sea


Night, Moon, Painting

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