The rain was not refreshing.
we waited and waited
on those barren, thirsty
desert hills.
But no rain came.
Until it finally did,
and we wept for joy,
except we quickly realized,
the rain was not refreshing.
The rain was hot,
dry and not even wet.
To drink it made us thirstier.
To see it made us crazier.
A drop would soar down
and hit you in the cheek,
hit you on the tip of your tongue,
but would not leave behind the sweet wet.
Instead it would dissolve,
a hist of smoke
filled only with a pocket
of hot air and dust.
It was quick to dissolve
too, leaving behind only
the feeling of confusion
and betrayal.
Yes, the rain was not refreshing.
It threw dust in our eyes,
and laughed when we cried.
Leaving our skin stickier


There's a heat wave going on throughout Los Angeles, and freakish weather like lightning will sometimes appear. Yesterday, at 3 p.m. (9/9/15) a heavy rain kicked in. I ran outside nearly naked to embrace the cold,
but the rain was not refreshing. And as quickly as the downpour came, it went away again.

Not coming back for god knows how long.
I hate it

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Parker Jennings
plus de 5 ans

Seriously, major drought over here

plus de 5 ans

We had rain almost everyday in April to mid-June. Then not a drop for two months, and the lawns died. Now we're having rain everyday for over a week now. Feast or famine, no in-between. I hope LA gets some of our rain

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