And I raged against my side of the fence,
Only a howling wind to cover my ragged breathes
I struck the wood with fists bloody and bruised,
A useless endeavor, unforgivingly hopeless, eternally confused.
I grew tired of reflections
Restless, this skin a great distraction.
My mind fatally beckoned me to know
those secrets beyond my grasp, mystery of my neighbor’s soul
I wanted a different path to call my own
A route of inflection guided by a different wisdom
Reared in some other school of thought
A different answer to an experience distraught
Envious of journeys once taken,
hills and valleys that welcomed foreign feet and faces
And those running lands and fears mistaken
of a landscape, of a people, unprepared for last embraces.
Flowering experiences seen, fleeting with the separated wind unknown to me…


This is a poem about a person who is frustrated with the knowledge that they are confined to only their own experience of the world. They can only see one side of the fence, which means that he or she is limited in their view of the world.

The third stanza goes more into the idea of experiencing the world as another person, stating that to be another person is to be of a different origin, to have been brought up and raised in a different experience, along with all the trials and tribulations that comes with it.

The fourth stanza describes the narrator's desire to explore the world the way it was first explored, with mystery and wonder because it had never been seen before. Back when there were no fences, no boundaries or ties. There was only discovery...until there was death.

The last line is the culmination of all the fantasies the narrator dwells on, but that each memory remains only a fantasy to be experienced and realized by others

Life, Exploration, Frustration, Experience, Fence

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