Here’s the bet.
What’s a blind?
Pass the pretzels bro.
I’ve never had this beer before. I like it.
Have these cards been shuffled?
Who’s the best shuffler here?
Alright, my turn to deal.
Raising the pot like a boss.
The buy-in limit is ten dollars.
This is a nickel and dime game
with free food, so don’t get all pissy.
What food?
In time, dear boy, in time.
How much was your bet?
I’m still hungry, let’s order pizza.
Yeah, what toppings?
Are we agreed?
Damn that pizza came quick.
Paper plates are in the cupboard.
Pass the pepper.
What’s the real difference between
Pepsi and Coke?
Did you drink from my cup?
Please tell me you didn’t.
Heh, found some gummi-bears in my pocket.
Saving them for when we start again.
I need an extra napkin.
Pass me another cold one friend.
We’ve got left-overs, everyone take as much as you want.
    We are wealthy.
Plenty plenty more.
Let’s get back to the game.
That pot was too stiff, let’s
up the blinds.
I’m nearing my limit.
Ha, all mine now.
You’re bluffing.
Don’t string-bets please.
Dude, I told you not to splash the pot.
I’m sorry.
Looks like you were unlucky there.
First timers got all the game tonight.
I fold.
I’m raising twenty.
Starting to get dicey now.
All-in, or what’s left anyway.
You’re still bluffing.
Got the best of me this time.
Have these cards been shuffled?
Don’t pressure me with that
beautiful mug of yours.
My wife’s going to kill me.
Alright, I’ve got to head home.
Yeah same here.
Man it was great to see you again.
We’ll keep in touch.
Should’ve cashed out early, jeezus.
Can I take some of these pretzels in a bag?
Make sure you drive home safely.
Hope I haven’t missed the late show.
Alright everybody, I’ll see you again next month.


I have not played poker with friends in years.

Poker, Poetry, Friends, Bonding, Food

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Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

I haven't played in a long time either. I even forgot how to play. Reminds me, too, of the good ole' days with my friends. Good language. Sounds like a movie script.

over 5 years

Sounds like a recording of a poker game I was in, many moons ago. "My wife’s going to kill me." - my very own wordsThumbs up!BTW thanks for liking/faving my last poem...

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