A Lesson Given

An echoing melody breezed through that canyon,
swinging from the tops of green forest pines
and melted the defenses of the mountains.
Everything seemed to disappear this one and only time.
I was in myself a different way.
A meaningful yet folly-full of unwarranted experience
A memory of the sleeping past decaying away
to find at hand the hidden severity of undocumented grace
A listened step, a deep growling bellow.
I spoke to the spirit in my mind
and heard back the response of the uncaring world
An enveloping rapture, hidden for all to find.
The Great Beast came and stood atop that rocky ledge,
Power and pride instilled a natural untrimmed hedge.
Beauty and death united the same
A lesson given, taken as without name


A traveler is walking through a mountain pass and suddenly experiences euphoria. The sensation is too much to understand but makes everything he or she experienced in the past, including all the problems, become irrelevant to the present situation.

The experience is something the traveler feels because it is the final moments that come before death, with the Great Beast (symbolic of nature herself) killing him or her.

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